Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday everyone!

The Art of Manliness posted an article about Fragile, Resilient, and Antifragile organizations that highlights the importance of being agile and flexible. A key aspect of growing during uncertain times is accepting volatility and finding ways to adapt and be successful in spite of the stress.

During these times we must find ways to stretch for growth. Trying to conduct business the same as we have always done it will result in stagnation and status quo performance. When we accept the status quo we are accepting that we are good enough, and we all know good is the enemy of great.

What are you doing to grow during these trying times?

Let us know in the comments!

During the month of April I will be offering complimentary Lunch and Learns, remotely, for anyone interested. These Lunch and Learns will focus on promoting meaningful connections between team members who find themselves navigating this new teleworking situation. For more information, or to schedule a Lunch and Learn, visit our appointment page.

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