Monday Motivation!

Crisis is temporary. In time this crisis will pass and we will be once again allowed to stand closer than 6 feet away from our neighbors. Soon, we will be able to have gatherings of larger than 10 people. Eventually, we will be able to sit down at a restaurant and eat dinner.

While we wait for this crisis to pass we can either bunker down, look out for ourselves, and survive at all costs or we can use this an opportunity to grow. Growing out of crisis does not mean taking advantage of the terrible situation, but rather shifting perspective to to find the silver lining. The longer we focus on the negatives the more stressed we will feel, the more anxious we become, and the more time we lose.

  • Instead of counting remaining rolls of toilet paper and paper towels; we can finish that book that has been on the nightstand
  • Instead of scrolling through facebook looking for breaking news; we can write a business plan for that start-up company we have been thinking about
  • Instead of binge watching The Tiger King; we can finish some projects on the to-do list that have been piling up

What have you done to turn this situation into a positive experience?

During the month of April I will be offering complimentary Lunch and Learns, remotely, for anyone interested. These Lunch and Learns will focus on promoting meaningful connections between team members who find themselves navigating this new teleworking situation. For more information, or to schedule a Lunch and Learn, visit our appointment page.

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Leadership Trainer and Coach

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