Leadership Defined

Dr. Devin Singh defines leadership as “Getting someone to do something with you” on his LinkedIn feed. His video explaining this definition inspired me to look at my own definition of leadership.

Leaders are capable of #Inspiring other people to do something. The best leaders do not lead through fear, dictatorship, or manipulation. Influential leaders do not request action or recommend task, but rather inspire a desire to move towards the desired end state. To inspire people, leaders must connect with them, learning about their values and beliefs, and cultivating a meaningful relationship.

To be a leader, someone must be following. As long as there is a #Team, there can be a leader. The team could be two people or could be 2,000 people; the size is less critical than the mere presents of the team. 

Leaders must articulate their vision for the future in a manner that elicits a desire to #Achieve that goal. Effective teams, led by capable leaders, achieve unity of effort – all members working towards a common goal – where communication and coordination regularly occur to produce a #CommonGoal.

Leadership Defined:
Inspiring a team to achieve a common goal.

How do you define leadership? Let us know in the comments or on our LinkedIn.

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Leadership Trainer and Coach

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