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3 Ways to Generate Momentum in 2022

“Momentum is a leader’s best friend”

John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell writes about the benefits of momentum in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. In this law, Maxwell defines 7 facts about momentum:

  1. Momentum is the great exaggerator
  2. Momentum makes leaders look better than they are
  3. Momentum helps followers perform better than they are
  4. Momentum is more natural to steer than to start
  5. Momentum is the most potent change agent
  6. Momentum is the leader’s responsibility
  7. Momentum begins inside the leader

Did you achieve all of your goals for 2021? Was 2021 the successful year you planned for? Did you achieve what you wanted in 2021?

If you are like most business leaders, the answers to these questions are likely “No.” Between internal struggles and external uncertainty, 2021 did not shape up the way you intended. 2022 will likely bring similar complications. To prevent the same disappointment in 2022, you need to change your game. 

As you start 2022, you need to find ways to generate momentum early. Here are 3 ways to get the Momentum ball rolling.

Start Small

As discussed in our previous article, you are unlikely to fully achieve your 2022 goals in January. Practice chunking your goals into manageable pieces that you can chip away at throughout the year. The early chunks of your goals should be small and effortless to be achieved in January, February, and March. You can then snowball these early successes into achieving larger chunks. 

As you complete each piece, you will gradually build momentum. Simply by steering progress rather than trying to start, you will find that the more complicated aspects of your goals will all but complete themselves. 

Define Done 

How often do you find yourself marking something complete that still requires some work? Do you ever struggle to start tasks because you’re not exactly sure what you need to accomplish? 

I was introduced to Scrum as a project management tool about two years ago. One of the most beneficial aspects of this tool is defining what done is. This not only helps to guide my activities but also forces me to determine precisely what I’m trying to achieve before I start. When combined with chunking large tasks into manageable pieces, defining what you need to do will help focus your efforts. The more specific you are in defining done, the more directed your actions can be.

Have you told anyone what your 2022 resolutions are? Or have you set goals but kept them to yourself? By discussing your plans with others, you are more likely to work towards them. When you communicate your desires with others, you create opportunities for those you trust to hold you accountable. Alternatively, by hiding your resolutions from others, you give yourself an out for not completing them. It is easy to give up on or postpone working towards your goals when no one else is aware of them. An added benefit of sharing your resolutions with others is that they may assist you in your progress. Maybe your mentors and peers have resources or tips to help you on your path. Perhaps your loved ones can provide some fresh perspective on how you can achieve your goals. Without communicating your goals, you will never know.

Build Momentum For Success in 2022

What steps can you take to craft your resolutions into manageable and actionable steps this month? Are there small victories you can achieve in January to start your momentum for 2022? Set yourself up for a successful 2022 by generating small momentum to carry you through the rest of the year! You don’t need massive wins early in 2022, just steady progress towards your dream self.

Do you have additional tips or tricks that have helped you gain momentum in achieving success? We would love to hear about them! Comment below or on LinkedIn to continue the conversation!



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