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Reset, Refocus, and Reconnect

It’s been about 8 months since I last published. Back in December/January I mentioned that I got a new job that I was super excited about but that was going to require a lot of travel. What I didn’t mention was that this travel was tied to a Marine Corps deployment to Europe. That deployment has ended and everyone is back home safe and sound. I had the chance to visit nearly 20 different countries and interact with leaders and military planners in each of these locations. This was such a great opportunity with significant personal and professional growth and development. I will go in more detail on many of the lessons I learned and the perspectives and insights that helped to shape this growth in the coming weeks.

Photos from traveling around Italy.

While I had hoped to continue writing on a regular basis while deployed I quickly found that this was not going to be likely. Now that life is settling back to normal I will be drafting up a new series covering some of the day-to-day challenges I experienced while away; the importance of routines, the power of personal connections, personal accountability, and more. Stay tuned for these in the coming weeks.

Milestone Achievements:

One of my early articles, Stages of Team Development Within the Navy and Marine Corps Team surpassed 200 views this past month. Not a ground breaking achievement in the larger blogging world, but it is my first article to hit this milestone. This was originally a contest submission for the Naval Proceedings magazine in 2019 but was not selected. Since publishing this I have had the opportunity to lead a handful of classes and training on the importance of understanding these stages and recognizing the signs of each to include one such class while deployed.



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